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Why Wives Should Attend the AFCA Convention

There were a few reasons why I never attended a convention with my husband until this year, and to be completely honest, one of the reasons was that my husband didn't want me there...

I know, shocker! Who wouldn't want to hang out with me for a long weekend in a fun city?! But it's true! And I have heard of several other coaches who feel the same.

HOWEVER, when we got back my husband concluded that he wanted me to go to EVERY convention with him from here on out! And I will share why in this blog.

This blog will be more for the perspective of coaches and husbands, so if you're a coach's wife and reading this, please share this with your husband! You will be glad that you did!

Why Your Wife Should Attend Convention with You

1. It will make her a better coach's wife.

Think about it...the people who read personal development books are the people who are wanting to make themselves and their lives better. The same is true for the coach's wives that attend convention. They are attending sessions and meeting up with more seasoned coach wives to learn how to become a better wife for you and a better coach's wife for the team.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "There's no way my wife could get any better." ;) But by investing in herself by going to convention, she will only get better as a partner for you and the dreams that you have as a couple!

2. She will help make you connections that you wouldn't have made on your own.

This reason was the one that helped my husband come to the conclusion that he wanted to bring me with him every year! Although my husband knows lots of people from his profession, I have come to know lots of people too, and I was able to introduce him to a lot of people at the convention that he wouldn't have met otherwise. Some of whom will likely help get him another job in the future! He got to spend lots of time with his friends at convention that he has made along his journey, but we also got to grab dinner with some of the connections that I have made. This is a huge benefit of bringing your wife to convention! And when it comes to jobs, it's a pretty good assumption that if your wives like each other, then you would most likely get along on a staff together as well.

Plus, there is a couples ice cream social at convention, and I have heard from several people that they have gotten interviews and jobs just from that one networking event!

3. She will have plenty to do and will not be sticking to your heels the entire time.

She doesn't do that at home, does she? So what makes you think she would do it at convention? Honestly, there is so much for her to do at convention! If she registers for AFCWA there will be sessions and networking opportunities from morning til night. There was one day where I literally didn't even see my husband that entire day! Of course, she can hang out with you all day and go to sessions with you (I went to the main session for AFCA one afternoon and loved it), but she will absolutely have plenty of opportunities to do things on her own or with AFCWA if she chooses to. Plus, convention is always in a cool location so if she's bored she can also go explore the city!

4. It will give you both that breath of fresh air that you need (both individually and as a couple) after coming off of a crazy season.

I heard from many couples that convention is a time for them to reconnect as a couple after the season and without their kids. Even if you are only seeing each other at bed time or grabbing a few meals with each other throughout your time at convention, it's a great opportunity to spend time together away from it all, without the distractions you might have at home.

So coaches, if you have ever been hesitant to bring your wife with you to convention, I encourage you to reconsider! Going to convention is a great opportunity for the both of you, both individually and as a couple!


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