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I’m Christine. I'm a foodie, a social worker, a health nut. I love being active and outdoors. My husband coaches college football, so we are obviously football fans as well.  Through being in the coaching world I have encountered many women who experience a variety of emotions related to being a coach's wife. 


When my husband and I were first dating and he was a Graduate Assistant, I remember thinking there should be a support group for coach wives and girlfriends. And now nearly a decade later, that thought has evolved into Coach Wife Life, which is a positive and supportive community for coach's wives. I have made it my mission to help normalize those feelings that come with the unique coaching lifestyle and help these women realize they are not alone in this crazy world of coaching!


At Coach Wife Life you can expect to find positivity in regards to the coaching lifestyle, ways to encourage your spouse, healthy tailgating recipes, and Game Day Style ideas.  I hope you find what you are looking for through this website and I would LOVE to connect with you, so feel free to reach out!  




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