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Home Decor for Coach's Wives

Y'all. I have been so excited to share the project I'm showing you today! The idea came to me last football season, and my girl at Laurel Ellsworth Designs brought it to life!

I think this is SUCH a perfect way to document our journeys as coaching families, representing the different schools, life stages, family growth, etc. that we get to see in this profession!

This custom artwork is my absolute FAV! It represents us and the unique life we get to live with coaching. I had her add in the cowbell (at the top and in my hand) because I'm kindof known as the "crazy cowbell lady" at our school :D

I think it would be so fun to get one of these made for each school that your family gets to be a part of, adding each of the team names to the endzones, court, field, or whatever! And then also getting to see how your family grows throughout the years!

This is not the first artwork I have gotten from Laurel, and her website and Instagram pages are the cutest! She is one of my favorite follows on the gram.

If your'e thinking about getting one of these for your family, you definitely should! I know this will be one of those pieces that I will treasure forever!

You can find Laurel Ellsworth Designs on Instagram here and on her website here.

If you decide to get one of your own, PLEASE tag me! I know you will be as obsessed with yours as I am.


Until next time!

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