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Gift Guide for the Coach's Wife

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The coaching lifestyle is a very unique one! Coach's wives typically become more like family because no one else can relate to the differences in your lifestyle, and they also typically don't live near their biological families because they move wherever the sport takes them!

Based on some of those unique aspects of the coaching lifestyle, I thought it would be fun to put together a gift guide specifically for the coach's wife! All of these gift ideas are very practical, with a bit of humor attached as well!

1. A Rainproof coat

You know she will be out at that field come rain, sleet, or snow! Proper weather gear is ESSENTIAL!

This one comes in lots of different colors if you wanted to get one in the school's colors (Amazon Prime)

2. Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and/or Disney+ memberships

Because she will have lots of time to fill during those months where her husband works late nights!

3. Game Day/Coach's wife themed t-shirts

Obvi. Some great places to buy from (that are owned by coach's wives) are The Fly Fox Apparel & Mixed Laundry Apparel.

Other game day tees that I love can be found at RiffRaff & Kickoff Couture.

This shirt is from The Uptown Boutique, and they still have it in limited stock here

4. A cute, clear bag!

Whether she's at a school that requires clear bags or not, it's still a great gift!

Pennant Accessories has some cute clear bags with customizable straps.

Clear Unity also has some very cute bags with a good selection of different styles of clear bags. Plus, they donate a portion of their sales towards saving lives affected by gun violence (which is the reason clear bags are required at sporting events and concerts).

This bag and two straps are from Pennant Accessories

5. Custom earrings for game day

This is a really thoughtful way to show her you support her and her team!

These are made by the girlfriend of a coach, and she has lots to choose from on

6. A good vacuum cleaner

For picking up all of those turf rubber pellets off the floors for those wives of an outdoor sport on a turf field...

We got this one last year on Black Friday!

7. Stadium cushions

She will spend countless hours per year sitting (and jumping) on a bleacher, and no one wants to acquire a bleacher butt.

This is a good one from Amazon!

8. A shoe rack

For storing the thousands of shoes her husband will accumulate from each of their schools.

This one is under $20 and free delivery with Prime!

9. A subscription to a meal-delivery kit

Making meals for one during the craziness of the season can sometimes be too much, so finding ways to make it as stream-lined as possible is an amazing gift idea for a coaching family! Or you could also do a year's supply of cereal and microwaveable popcorn, as that is sometimes the meal of choice for coach's wives...

10. Noise-cancelling headphones

So she can tune out the "experts" in the stands.

These are $40 right now with a coupon on Prime!

11. Gift cards for ALL the coffee!

She is tired during the season. It's a type of busy and tired that cannot be explained. She needs coffee. And everyone around her needs her to have coffee...

If you are a coach's wife, what are some other things you would love to be gifted?

Share in the comments below!


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