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Game Day Style

Game Day Style.

It can vary as much as the women who wear it. Some women LOVE to dress up and wear dresses and cute shoes. Some women will only be caught in a t-shirt and tennis shoes.

And BOTH of these options are WONDERFUL!

I say, whatever makes you feel comfortable as you are screaming your head off for your husband's team is the best option when it comes to game day!

For me, what I wear to games depends on the vibes at the school I'm at. When we were at an SEC school, I loved to dress up in our team colors in all kinds of cute tops and accessories.

However, when we have been at smaller schools where the vibe is a bit more relaxed, you will definitely find me in some t-shirts and tennis shoes.

BUT even for those games where I dress more relaxed, I still enjoy piecing my outfit together in a way that makes me feel cute as I'm supporting my husband's team. I do this by coordinating my colors, and also through fun things like jewelry and lip colors.

Comfy/cute is definitely my style of choice for 98% of the time!

Style is something that is unique to everyone, and Game Day Style is no different! It's important to wear what makes you feel cute and what you are comfortable in.

Game Day Style is something I have found I love, and have decided to dedicate a portion of this blog and my social media sites to just that! So keep a look out for some posts that include some cute options to wear to game day, including dressy and casual! Can't wait to show you some of the things I've put together!

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