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Praying to have a Season

Sometimes I dread football season...there, I said it!

As much as I love the season and getting to see our players all the time and freaking everyone in the stands out about how INTO IT I get during the games, I also sometimes dread the season as we are leading up to it.

For proof, take a look at the blogs I've written every July as the summer comes to an end and we get closer to fall camp...

But this year, knowing that some schools have already received word that they won't be having a season this fall, I am begging and desperate to have our season! Isn't it funny how things can change like that? You don't know what you have until it's gone.

My heart breaks for those schools who have had their season cancelled for this year. At this point in mid-July, our conference is still planning to have our season. I pray that plan continues!

I know lots of things are up in the air right now, but whether we do have a season or whether we don't, what I do know is that I will have a different attitude and outlook on the season.

Instead of feeling resentful that football is taking my husband away from me and that we will be transitioning from a spring and summer of seeing each other all the time to seeing each other very little, I choose to be grateful that we will have these opportunities for my husband to live out his calling and for us as a couple to get to love on our players.

I am deciding right now that I will be grateful for the opportunity for our team to be able to play our sport and fight towards a great season for our program!

I want to be positive leading up to this season. I want to be grateful for the opportunities that we have.

I do not want to become resentful about what I feel our sport is taking away from me. I want to be grateful for the opportunities we have to give to our sport, our team, and our players.

I pray the same for you. If it is safe for your team to play, I pray that you will be able to have your season as well! This has been such a strange year. In some ways, I'm very grateful for it and the extra time I have been able to spend with my husband. I'm grateful for the chance to slow down and not have every weekend of our summer completely filled up! It's definitely been nice in that sense. But I know that it has also been a really hard year. Harder on some than others.

My prayers lately have been that our students on campus and our players remain safe and healthy, especially as we head into the season. I pray the same for your teams as your program makes the decisions that are best for your school and your community.

We are (literally) all in this together! Stay safe and healthy, my friends!


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