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9 Things to Know About Coaches' Wives

Being a coach's wife is such a unique and amazing title! There are so many fun and different experiences we go through, and it's so important to have others along the way who understand certain things about our lifestyle!

That being said, here are a few things about us that are true across the board for coaches wives- whether you are a football wife or a baseball wife...whether your husband coaches in the NFL or junior high- here are some aspects that are very true among us amazing coach wives!

1. Our husbands work 7 days a week.

Yes, for real. And usually those days are at least 12 hours long! For high school coaches, not only do they have the responsibility of coming up with the game plan and dealing with on and off the field responsibilities, but they are also teachers!

For college coaches they have other responsibilities that include recruiting, complying with all the regulations of their conference and division, making sure their players are attending class, and coming up with the game plan. Coaches are some of the most dedicated, hard-working people out there!

2. We tend to move a lot.

I've been describing our lifestyle to others like that of military families...where our husbands are gone a lot and we relocate every few years. In the 5 years my husband has been coaching he has moved 3 different times. We could move because our husbands got an amazing promotion, but we also might be moving because we didn't have a great season and the whole staff got fired.

Yes, we could get fired for not winning. Believe me, we want to win more than ANYBODY!

3. We don't always get to spend holidays with our families.

Our first married Christmas was spent in a hotel since we were at a Bowl Game...which was amazing actually! But most people wouldn't see that it's normal to expect not to spend the holidays with your families. We would actually PREFER not to spend the holidays with our families, because in some cases that means we had an amazing season and are going to the playoffs or a bowl game!

4. We don't attend weddings that happen during the season...Sorry!

Sad, but true. If I travel at all during the season, it's to an away game! During the season, our sport consumes our life...and we love it!

Also, any dreams we may have had of having our own fall wedding were crushed pretty early on in our dating relationships! ;)

5. It's hard not to take negative comments from fans personally.

REALLY hard actually. It is absolutely no fun overhearing someone say your husband deserves to be fired. Don't even get me started on this topic...(deep breaths, Christine. Deep breaths).

Our sport is our livelihood. Not only are we entertained by it, but it also pays our bills. These fans don't understand that our husbands are trying everything they can to win!

6. We are independent and awesome!

As mentioned previously, our husbands work a lot, which means we are great at taking care of things around the house and entertaining ourselves!

Being a coach's wife is not for the weak. It is for those with a huge heart for her husband's players and an understanding of WHY our husband's spend so much time away from home. It's not just about winning or losing. It's about bringing up responsible men and women and being that positive role-model for them.

7. We become depressed after losses.

I am not proud to admit I made several donut runs on the Sunday mornings after a loss this past season. Like I said, our sport is our livelihood. We see how hard our husbands work, and when we don't win it can sometimes feel like that time was for nothing or that our livelihood is on the line.

8. We are proud of our husbands- win or lose.

It doesn't matter what the score is, we love our husbands NO MATTER WHAT! We see more than what the fans or parents see- we see the LOVE our husbands have for their players! They wouldn't be doing this or pouring so much of their time and energy into coaching if they didn't love their players. It's amazing to witness our husbands help others become better people by teaching them responsibility, discipline and teamwork.

9. We are a sisterhood, and are damn proud to be coaches' wives!

I have had the privilege of connecting virutally with so many other coaches' wives like me across the country! Although we may have never met in person before, we automatically understand each other and the struggles and triumphs we go through as coaches' wives. It can be scary when it comes time to move on to the next job, but also exciting for the opportunity of connecting with more coach wives who "get it!"

- - -

Can you relate to any of this? Or do you have additional characteristics of coaches' wives that you would add to this?? Be sure to comment and share this post with some of your coach wife friends, or even

your friends who aren't coaches' wives so they can better understand what it's like for YOU as a coach's wife!


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