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Cooking for One - Grilled Chicken Salad

So I'm sure you all understand not wanting to cook for one and just going for a simple meal option instead of a healthy one. Heck, that's why I started this series! The other night I seriously just had a chocolate protein shake, a salad, and a spoonful of peanut butter because I just DID NOT feel like cooking! But hey, at least it was still balanced, right? :)

I'm doing a little better the rest of this week though!

One thing I find makes cooking for one is easy is just cooking one or two different kinds of meat and keep them in the fridge so the are already prepared for meal-time.

This meal is so simple- grilled or baked chicken with chopped lettuce, cottage cheese, and some barbecue sauce drizzled on top. Sooo easy once you already have the meat prepped, but still balanced and healthy!

Football season is crazy busy, so make things easier on yourself by preparing foods ahead of time so you don't make a poor choice when you are hungry and hovering over your refrigerator!

Hope this helps!



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