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My name is Christine and I am a wife to a college football coach, a follower of Christ, and a social worker. I decided to branch out and start this blog, as I found there are limited resources for individuals who are married to athletic coaches. There is such a bond among coaches' wives that is so special! There are SO many things we can relate on, including the need to be independent, moving away from family and friends often, the joys and letdowns of winning or losing games, emotionally supporting your spouse and family, and essentially being the glue that holds everything together, both within your family and on the team!

In addition to being married to a coach, I am also very passionate about health and fitness! I enjoy spending time helping others find what works for them and encouraging them in the process of doing it! That includes running Boot Camps and Clean Eating 101 groups to help people with the accountability of following a workout plan and learning how to eat better. In my groups you will find emotional support for living the coaching lifestyle, some healthy recipes to take to tailgates, and accountability for living a healthier lifestyle!

I'm excited to start this journey of reaching out to coaches' wives and let them know they are not alone in the emotions that come with coaching. It can be such an encouragement to understand there are others out there who feel the exact same way as you. I look forward to engagement and support from one another in this crazy adventure of the coaching lifestyle! Thanks for being here and taking time to read this :)




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