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Christmas Cards for Coaches' Wives

This post is made possible by Basic Invite, invitations and cards that make it beautiful and easy to send cards

to your friends and family to commemorate and celebrate those special moments.

I've heard from different single friends of mine that they feel like people only have an excuse to take professional photos when they are engaged, married or have a family to photograph. I have since realized that I think that's how I feel when it comes to making and sending a Christmas card- that I can start sending Christmas cards when we have a bigger family than just the two of us.

I LOVE receiving Christmas cards (in fact, I receive many Christmas cards from my coach wife friends I have met online and still haven't met in person yet), but I've never sent one myself. The closest I have gotten was posting this picture on social media and calling it our Christmas card!

Recently I discovered Basic Invite, which makes it super easy (and super cute) to gather invites, pick and customize an invitation, and send cards! They've got a lot of cool features, but I think the coolest one is where you can post a link on social media or via email where your friends and family can enter their addresses themselves, and they can be selected during the design process of the cards! This feature is especially great for your other coach wife friends that have a new address every other year ;) No more sliding into people's DM's to message them for their addresses each year! ;)

They can also send you a printed sample of your card so you can see and feel the paper quality before you place your order to make sure it's perfect!

They have almost unlimited color options, 40 different envelope colors to choose from, and they even have those beautiful foil colors in silver, gold, and rose gold that you can get flat or raised.

I see these cards as a fun, convenient, and beautiful way to send invitations and Christmas cards for the year! Right now they have a deal for the month of October for 15% off if you use code: 15FF51

Here are a few of examples of their cards:

You can also see some of their other cards on social media on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


Does your family typically send Christmas cards? If so, please add me to the list, as I LOVE receiving them! I also love some of the relationships I have built with coach's wives I've made over the internet and through this blog. You guys get it and are my people!

Happy in-season or off-season to you, depending on what your sport is!

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