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I chose this life

Fall camp, or "two-a-days" is a crazy time of life for football coaching families. It's a time when we prepare to not see our husbands as much. It's a time when wives may feel like a single parent to keep up with life's demands during football season. It's also a time when outside observers look at our life and laughably call us "football widows," showing looks of sympathy for this hard time of year.

But don't feel sorry for me. I chose this life.

I chose not only the late nights without my husband, but also the nights up late talking about how GREAT our players are.

I chose not just the many moves across country and starting over again, but the amazing communities of coaching families I've gotten to build.

I didn't just choose to share my husband with a hundred other people, but to also invest in them myself, because they are incredible young men that I can learn from and invest into.

I not only chose being alone while my husband searches the country for recruits, but also giving myself those opportunities to travel and be my own person, independently of my husband.

I chose an amazing husband, with an unconventional lifestyle, that has only enriched my life even more.

Even though an outsider sees me coming solo to weddings and events and might feel sorry for me, I absolutely LOVE my life, and wouldn't trade one second of it!

Don't feel sorry for me. I CHOSE this life.

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