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When Your Husband Loves What He Does

This past weekend our football team had a "bye week," which means one weekend with no game. While many fans may hate bye weeks, as it means no game to tailgate or team to cheer for, coaching families live for bye weeks.

Bye weeks are a chance to pretend for one Saturday that you live a normal life. It's a chance to finally spend time with your coach and relax a little bit. Coaches work hard year round, and these little breaks become precious gifts for coaching families.

This year, like every year, we made the most of our bye week by getting some extra rest, playing golf, eating out for a steak dinner, etc. Knowing that my husband just had his ideal weekend, I asked him a question I thought I knew the answer to.

I asked him if he would rather have had a game this weekend instead of all the fun stuff we just did that day. But his answer surprised me.

He said although it was nice to recharge a bit, get some extra rest, and have a little fun, he loves game day even more than all those things.

That conversation showed me just how much my husband loves and values what he gets to do each and ever day. Knowing that he loves what he does that much, makes it all worth it! All the moves, the late nights, the missed holidays with family, all the times I travel solo to events or am wedding's worth it knowing how passionate he is about his job.

He has the opportunity to do what he LOVES every single day. And on top of that, he gets paid for it. Not many people have the opportunity to say that.

We are at the point in the year where we are about halfway through the season (my husband is a football coach). Whether football is your husband's sport or not, I'm sure you can relate to that feeling like you're just ready to have your husband back, or an extra hand with taking care of your kids. If that's where you are and you are feeling discouraged by that, I hope this encourages you. I hope you understand just how happy you are making your husband by empowering him to do what he LOVES!

Not only is he making an impact on his players each and every day, but so are you by encouraging him to keep doing what he loves. I've been with my husband at jobs where he was happy, and also unhappy, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that our marriage is 10x better when he is happy with his job.

You, as a coach's wife, are making an incredible difference in this world, simply by letting your husband do what he was born to do, which is to coach. Whether you realize it or not, he is impacting so many lives through his job. He is making a difference on future fathers, husbands, and our nation's leaders. And by you encouraging him and empowering him to do his job, so are you.

Whether you were encouraged to hear this, or you know someone else who might be, I urge you to share this with your fellow coach's wives. We can't do this without one another and I know some of us might need a little extra encouragement this time of year. Please feel free to share and tag your other coach wives to offer them some encouragement in how they can continue to empower their husbands!

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