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Calling all Girlbosses

So normally I post all about being a coach's wife- the joys, struggles, and how to maintain balance through it all. I am a coach's wife, and am so happy to be one. But did you know that I'm also a COACH, myself?

While I am not coaching a sports team, I AM coaching normal, every day people to overcome health issues or lack of confidence by hosting accountability on Facebook. The feedback I have received from what I do is payment enough, as I receive success stories and "thank you" emails DAILY! It is so exciting to be able to help these people better their lives and feel better about themselves.

While those testimonies are so gratifying, I do also get paid monetarily to be a coach. While I don't always like talking about money, this opportunity has seriously done SO much for us that it would be a disservice for me not to share that with others!

A year ago we were dipping into savings EVERY MONTH, and then this year we are paying off debt! There have been so many amazing things that have happened in my life because of coaching.

I have a TEAM of other girlbosses like myself who are also changing lives. It is incredible to be able to work with some of your best friends every day, changing people's lives!

I am just a normal person who has struggles and weaknesses. But I made a choice over a year ago to do something different with my life and said YES to this opportunity that has changed and bettered me as a person.

Let me know if this sounds like something you would enjoy. I am opening up a group on Monday, October 19th where I talk more about what I do as a coach for those who are curious. My team is doing BIG things and we are not going anywhere! Shoot me an e-mail or fill out the form in the section "Be a Coach" so we can chat some more!



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