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Cooking for One- turkey egg white scramble

How are you all doing now that the season has officially started and we have played at least a few games? I'm not perfect, but have been trying my best with staying productive on those long nights and trying to plan out my meals so I have something healthy when dinner time rolls around.

This meal could not have been easier! On Sunday I browned some ground turkey and then throughout the week I just threw it in with random veggies and made it work. On this particular night I was feeling pretty lazy and this is what resulted:

I chopped up a cup of spinach (actually, let's be honest, I tore it with my don't have to wash a knife or cutting board that way) sauteed it with olive oil, added 3 egg whites and let that cook a while. I added Italian seasoning, the ground turkey from ealier in the week and some mozarella cheese.

This was SOO easy and you can add whatever seasonings you like! I made this another time and added some sriracha sauce to give it a little kick!

This dish is balanced, with veggies as your carbsm meat and egg whites for protein, and olive oil and cheese making up those healthy fats. Once again, another one pan dish.

If you find you struggle with balanced meals, I would love to help out! Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for stopping by!



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