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An Open Letter to Football Fans

I love football season more than many others that I know. I love the crowds, the tailgates, the excitement, the cheers, the traditions, the edge-of-your-seat excitement! I love it all, and I'm so excited for our first game this coming Saturday.

Another thing I love about college football is how it brings people together; however, this can also lead to positive or negative consequences. When you are in an exciting environment and are having a winning season, it's so easy to be pumped up, happy, and positive. But when things are going in the opposite direction, that negativity can be so contagious.

Last football season I was able to count on two hands how many times a particular fan was posting on social media about how a certain coach should be fired...within a four hour period of time. I can't help but think about that coach's wife or children, and how they would feel if they read someone saying those things about their loved one.

I also wonder how that person would feel if others were posting on Facebook about how they can't do their job and how they should be fired. I know I would run into the next room crying if I read that about myself!

As coaches' wives, we see our husbands as normal humans (because they are) so it makes it hard to understand why people think they can say what they say about coaches (or even players) and think that's okay.

It's not okay.

Here's my rule of thumb when it comes to saying something outloud or even on social media: If I wouldn't say it to their face, it does not need to be said. I really wish more people operated like this!

That being said, here is my open letter to football fans, from a coach's wife. And if fans are reading this, I hope you take it with an open mind. :)

(Original photo credit:, edited by me:)

Let's make it a great season, everyone!



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