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Cooking for One

Cooking for one is definitely one of my least favorite parts of being a coach's wife. It is SO easy to just fill up a bowl of popcorn or cereal and call it a night instead of having a delicious, nutritious meal. As you can see from my other posts, nutrition is something that is very important to me, and I've committed to eating balanced meals this football season, even though it's so much easier to just fill up a bowl with carbs!

Because this is a daily struggle for coaches' wives, I've decided to do a series called "Cooking for One" where I will be posting healthy, simple recipes for you to make some quick meals for yourself during the long season!

The key to cooking balanced meals for one is SIMPLICITY. If a meal is going to be too complicated, I WILL just grab a bowl of popcorn, but that won't help me get closer to my health goals. One thing I do to keep things simple is just pair a protein with veggies and cook it in the same pan...SUPER simple! And balanced.

When I say BALANCE I mean a proper balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

Here I have grilled chicken, seasoned with salt and pepper, and sauteed veggies...See? SUPER simple. You can even use the same pan for everything!

Like I said before, I will be doing a series on this, so get ready for more healthy, simple recipes to keep you from eating empty carbs for dinner this football season!

If you are needing more help with this, ask away! I learned everything I know from the 21 Day Fix and I run FREE fitness accountability groups for things just like this!



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